Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From the Newsletter....

Company Name
It has been agreed that from July 1st the company will trade as JPJ Audio Pty Ltd. This will include stencilling on roadcases, building signage, telephone greetings (see below). etc.

Norwest Productions
Recently, Norwest has become increasingly petty and damaging, with regards to their approach to the business, and JPJ in general. As a result, JPJ has no option but to cease all business dealings with Norwest, effective immeadiately.

Human Resources
Sarah Pearson
Sarah Pearson has resigned from her position within the Melbourne office. Sarah has been working with Bruce for many years and was a valuable employee. Sarah’s final day with the company is Thursday 23rd July. We wish Sarah all the best in her future endeavours.

Telephone Greeting.
From 1st July, please use ‘JPJ Audio’ as the company name when answering incoming calls.


Anonymous said...

Big Bad Norwest becoming petty? Word on the corpoarte scene is if you want JPJ to do a half price gig just tell them NW are quoting..Instant 50% discount!

Anonymous said...

Norwest petty? Coming from Jands that means alot.